We raise our livestock in a way that’s better for the environment, animal and consumer. Our animals get the best treatment in the world. We supplement our poultry and swine with a locally sourced quality feed. Our chickens are housed in movable shelters, and are moved to fresh pasture daily, where they forage for new grass and bugs, the way nature intended. We believe this to be the best system for the animals health, as well the consumers. Our pigs are raised in a combination of deep litter, pasture, and woodlot. When we can’t get them to the woods, we use the deep litter method. We keep an abundant amount of wood chips in the pig pen for them to till up and create compost. This method allows for a clean environment and encourages the pigs to root, like nature intended. We would only give antibiotics for life saving measures, and wouldn’t sell that animal to the public. By raising our livestock in a way that works with nature, it is very rare, if ever, this would be needed. We are very health conscious and wouldn’t sell a product we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We hope to gain business through honesty and transparency. We want our customers to come see where their food is coming from and exactly how well the animals are treated and pastures are managed.