BBQ from our pigs!

I finally smoked one of our pork butts! It was fantastic!

Winter Farm Chores!

New video up! Not a lot going on in the winter time here on the farm. We have a few projects to start on soon!

Barn Door Install

Just a little trim work and the master remodel will be complete! Finished up the barn door this weekend and got it hung tonight. I used pocket holes on the 1×6’s to join the frame together. I used shiplap and finish nails on the back side to finish the door before staining. This is Minwax…

How Eggs Shouldn’t Be

Ever wonder how your store bought eggs are produced, besides a chicken, of course? Check this out: This is not how it should be. Even the ones labeled “free range” aren’t really that. As long as the chickens have “access” to the outside, this label meets the legal requirements. Pastured chickens get to forage…

Bathroom Remodel

We’ve been busy on the farm with a forced master bathroom remodel, due to a bad leak. Turned out great! Check out our corrugated metal shower! I only wish I would have taken progress pictures for any of you diy’ers out there wanting to give this a try.